New Colors Bring Home Island Vibes


Enveloped in the warm ocean breeze, toes wiggling in the soft sand, gazing out over the waves to the horizon, the natural elements of Hawaii create a place of serenity. Standing on the shore the eye follows rolling jungle hills and clear skies onto warm sands and vibrant tropical waters. The newest colors and blends in the Oceanside Glasstile collection embody the serenity of Hawaii’s natural landscape and evoke a sense of peace and calm, transforming any space into a little piece of paradise.

“When creating the new colors we wanted to broaden the range of two complimentary spectrums, allowing for softer gradient transitions,” reflects Oceanside Glasstile Designer Cathy Aroz, “The three new colors are the result of playing with hues and shades of popular colors Clear, Bondi, and Truffle.” Looking at these three new additions together, Oceanside Glasstile’s creative team was reminded of the beauty and depths of a tropical paradise and wanted to pay tribute to the spirit of Hawaii by using Hawaiian names Nalu, Kai and Koa for the colors and Puna, Kalani and Mauna to describe three new blends created with these colors.

Nalu is Hawaiian for wave; one of Hawaii’s many seductions, these perfect curls, swirling hues of blue, create the ultimate inspiration for any ocean lover looking to add a piece of the sea to their space. In Hawaiian the word Kai means ocean. The depths and vastness of the sea remind us of the expanse of the world and bring a sense of perspective and calm to everyday life. Koa is a type of tree native to the Hawaiian islands. Its dark wood has been a popular material for centuries; used to build canoes and surfboards, Koa wood is a valuable, timeless resource symbolizing the importance of preserving natural resources so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

These colors were used with our existing palette to form three new color blends. Puna is Hawaiian for fresh water or spring, natural water welling up from the depths to refresh the body and soul. In Hawaiian Kalani signifies Heavens. This blend is sure to transport you to a tropical sanctuary – imagine feeling the expanse of the beautiful sky, its warm sultry breeze and a mind as calm as the lulling sea. The blend Mauna – meaning mountain, highlights the rich color of Koa. The blend of colors is inspired by the highest point in Hawai’i, Mauna Kea – the brilliance of the earth teamed with light kisses of snow and ice create a stunning balance of warms and cools that make the perfect backdrop for any space.



Muse Collection, Interlude Gradient inspired by Mauna. Colors from top to bottom: Platinum Irid, Koa Irid, Truffle Irid


Each blend is a thoughtful culmination of some of Oceanside Glasstile’s most popular colors. Here are the colors and finishes featured in each new blend:

  • Puna: Infinite (Irid, Matte), Platinum (Irid), Nalu (Irid) and Kai (Irid)
  • Kalani: Bondi (Irid), Dove (Irid), Kai (Irid), Silverlight (Irid)
  • Mauna: Koa (Irid), Platinum (Irid), Truffle (Irid)

Nalu, Kai and Koa, Puna, Kalani and Mauna invite you to experience the tranquility of the islands in your own home. Whether used in a pool water line, along shower walls, in the kitchen, a powder room, or entry way, these colors and blends transform any space into a place of serenity and balance. Play with the spirit of Hawaii online with our blend tool and at your nearest showroom. Tag #newtile #islanddreaming with the new colors, blends and your inspiration for a chance to be featured on our Instagram. Aloha!

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A Hero’s Return


Corporal Josh Lopez moving into his mortgage-free home with his family in San Marcos, Ca. Image- UT San Diego

Corporal Josh Lopez will never forget the day he nearly lost his life while serving in Afghanistan.  The young soldier was clearing a house in the middle east when he stepped on an improvised explosive device while under enemy fire. The result, a 4 minute flat line. . .  The explosion threw him 20 feet in the air leaving him with a shattered pelvis, broken back and eventual leg amputation.  About 2 weeks ago he returned to San Diego after 30 months, 40 surgeries and many hours of rehab.

During his treatment a hospital staffer mentioned the Building Homes for Heroes program to him.  He submitted his application and was eventually selected as a match for a foreclosed home in San Marcos, Ca. Chase Bank donated the home and Beach City Builders started in on the homes stunning remodel.

XS Studio by Oceanside Glasstile located in Carlsbad, Ca had developed a contact with Beach City Builders through previous jobs and was excited to jump on board when the remodel company approached them for the project.  “We knew immediately that we wanted to be a part of this incredible gesture,” states Tamara Christman, XS Studio’s Sales and Design Specialist, “our company feels very strongly about reaching out to the community, and to be able to honor a man who has made so much sacrifice for his country was the least we could do.”


A modern color palette and attention to detail turn this house into a beautiful home.

XS Studio donated most of the porcelain seen in the house including the beautiful 24 x 24 format tiles found in the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms. They also contributed to some of the decorative ceramics found in the upstairs bathroom, and a beautiful blend of glass tile for the waterline in the pool.


Piel 24″ x 24″ in Buckskin sets the backdrop for this neutral bathroom.


A little accent is used with XS Studio’s Ceramic dimensional field tile and liner, and a modern grey porcelain graces the floor.


XS Studio donates the 4×4 ceramic field tile and the interesting liner comes from Sinu, known as the scallop.


Pool will be receiving a face lift with a beautiful blend of sparkling blue glass tile.

Pool will be receiving a face lift with a beautiful blend of sparkling blue glass tile. Update to come. 🙂

Over 200 people showed up on Saturday November 8 to welcome the family to their new home. As Lopez shared his story about the middle-east and his incredible road to recovery, there was not a dry eye in the house. New neighbors, family and friends all celebrated as the soldier and his family received the keys to their new mortgage-free home.

“The worst best thing.” Lopez says. Corporal Lopez we couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your courage, thank you for your service, and thank you for your amazing sacrifice. We wish you and your family the very best and hope you get to enjoy a beautiful life in San Marcos, Ca.