Live Joyfully with Pirch

It was like walking into the gates of heaven . . . well the gates of design heaven.  The room was outfit in a crisp clean white, wrapped in quotes that inspire living life to the fullest and designed to impress the elite.  The grand opening of PIRCH was the epitome of first impressions.


Entry way of Pirch with their very own (exceptionally talented) barista.

If you’re not familiar with the name PIRCH, and you find yourself in the interior design industry, than it’s a name you’ll want to learn right quick.  They provide inspiration, and sell top of the line appliances, fixtures and anything out of the ordinary a homeowner or commercial developer might want to trick their project out with.


Mauve goes Modern marvel


Making the heart of the home shine bright.

As we took the 25,000 sq ft tour of this thoughtfully designed retail space, it was quickly apparent, this was not your standard retail experience.  Every single unit, vignette and installation was plumbed in, wired up and ready for a test drive.  From a man cave outfitted with beer taps and the game, to my personal favorite the “Sanctuary” with aromatherapy, Chroma therapy, and the most incredible showerheads and installations I have ever feasted my eyes on.  There was something to experience for everyone.

Put the ahhh- in your spa.  -Pirch

Put the ahhh- in your spa. -PIRCH

As for Oceanside Glasstile, man did they do us justice!  An amazing collaboration between our Southwest Regional Account Manager, Jaimee Hoff, and their design team resulted in pure magic.   They incorporated some of our most stellar tile with some of their most stellar appliances and fixtures, which resulted in bathrooms, kitchens and bbq installations that had you dreaming of your very own luxury space.


Welcome to the land of enchantment. . . Formally known as the bathroom. -PIRCH


The newest of the oldest American Range stoves, elegantly highlighted by us, Oceanside Glasstile.


Perfectly paired, classic contrast

Speaking of their design team, and the whole PIRCH team in general – what an amazing, talented and genuinely awesome group of people.  Their energy was up, their creativity, clever and best of all was their down-to-earth sentiments.  They are sincerely there to provide the best service and experience a person can have looking to upgrade their living space or commercial space.

Looking back on the experience, I now feel like I came out of a dream.  I have envisioned my very own sanctuary, slathered in a beautiful wall of Devotion Tile, smelling the soothing scent of eucalyptus, while I soak in my Chroma therapy bath listening to my soft mix of jazz sipping a glass of wine . . . .  *Sigh   Back to reality!  I’ll take the glass of wine for now.



In the meantime remember, to “Slow down”, “Play more, think less” and “Live Joyfully”!  Thank you PIRCH for an incredible evening!

Slow Down

It’s ok. . .

Enjoy life!

Enjoy life!

Be led by joy.  It's the whole point.

Be led by joy. It’s the whole point.


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